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ROLL ME - A Personalised Computer

ROLL ME, a green personal computer meant for mobile use

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Cake designs

Hellboy Cake Design

Android Cake Design

Iphone Cake Designs

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Paper computers

'paperphone', a fully functional smartphone featuring a bendable paper screen
a team of researchers at the human multimedia lab at queen's university in canada have created two fully functional
paper computing devices, 'paperphone' and 'snaplet' wrist computer, controlled by bending their screens.
capable of use as a phone, music player, book reader, and navigator, the 'paperphone' prototype is composed
of a 3.7-inch flexible electrophoretic display, underlain with a layer of 2-inch long bidirectional bend sensors.
an arduino microcontroller obtains data from the sensors, and the information is processed by a laptop.
'paperphone' is controlled gesturally, through bending and pinching the screen. 'initially we thought, bending is cool [just]
because it hasn't been done before,' admits roel vertegaal, director of queen's human media lab. 'but then when we started
using it, it turns out to be quite efficient. it's quite a good way of navigating a computer.'


Flex - Flexible Tablets Concept

Bento Laptop - All in one

Bento is quite an a concept by RenĂ© Woo-Ram Lee. It’s includes a tablet, a PC, external hard drives and a smartphone. Now combine the power of these to have fully customizable Bento Laptop! The Box accommodates all the gear to work as one whole unit or individually; as you see fit.

  • Laptop with 15″ OLED screen
  • 11″ tablet and 4″ phone sit in shallow depressions
  • Solar powered lithium-ion battery
  • 1TB SSD drive
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Charge your mobile by Spining

A close cousin of the Mechanical Mobile, the revOlve cellphone loves to spin. A notch up as far as physical design goes, the main differentiating factor are the detachable components that can be upgraded and recycled when necessary. I love the sleek holster and the way you can buckle the phone to your waist loop. Let’s spin and wait for the magical mechanics to take over!

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Transparent Nokia Phone

We’ve seen quite a bunch of transparent phone designs lately, but none of them had the Nokia brand on. Luckily, designer Juan Carlos Garzon created one such Nokia concept, with a touchscreen interface and a transparent display.

The lower side of the handset includes the battery, most of the hardware, incorporates the on/off button (front side) and a 5 megapixel camera (at the back). This Nokia concept’s display also emits light, allowing for better usage during night time.
A stunning design and a great idea!

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